Welcome to my graphics hoard!

It is pretty bare right now, but I am excited to see how my collection grows! Also, general warning for flashing gifs and eyestrain. if you are photosensitive, it might be best to skip this page. It is not currently screen reader accessible, but I will work on that in the future.

There are two seperate button areas. Buttons 1 are buttons which link back to other sites. Buttons 2 are strictly for aesthetics and link nowhere.


Chattable blinkies.cafe | make your own blinkies!


a button that features the opening of my little pony: friendship is magic.


a blinkie with the background of the disentegration album. it reads 'the cure'.


a stamp with the nonbinary flag.

My Stuff

a blue blinkie that reads 'gillman is my boyfriend!' with a heart. pink drip text blinkie that reads 'death is temporary i'll love you forever.